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January 15, 2011

An Excerpt from David Foster Wallace's last lost work SIGNIFYING RAPPERS, now long out of print

Everything the white rock listener pays to enjoy is black-begotten.
If today’s Top?40 environment seems bleak or befouled, imagine the present mainstream without its sweetest sourcewaters, without the King-Waters-King Blues trinity, the Brownian soul, the backbeat, cut time, blue notes, funky French curves of sax and brass, the guitar solo, call-and-response, the Cold Medina or Lucky Powder, those lithely syncopated quintets in pomade and linen suits, the single hand in the white glove holding Pepsi aloft in the shadow of accidental flames…. Black music is American pop’s breath and bread; and we, as both born audience and born salesmen, know it. -- The Essayist (borrowed from THE MISSOURI REVIEW)

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