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September 14, 2009

Annual MTV Video Degenerates' Night Out Does Not Disappoint

Usually just normally degraded, the show this year featured an extra "I am exceptionally degenerate" performance by professional freak Kanye West.

Kanye West ruins Taylor Swift's big MTV acceptance speech as he storms on stage What a man. You can see him and the rest of the refuse at the link. It's really quite a line-up but West and his thing are clearly in another class of their own.


The "power couple" of the evening made it usual MTV stench just a bit more pungent. "The rapper wore a shiny shirt and Caterpillar boots, accessorizing with a bottle of cognac, while his other half opted for a racy Lycra snake-print catsuit." Very special people with very special needs.

And of course Jay Leno rewarded this shameful fool with a special guest slot so he could slobber about his late mother.

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