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September 4, 2009

"I spect I grow'd. Don't think nobody never made me."

While politics is ostensibly about governance, suggesting that it does something constructive, in reality is often an activity for its own sake. In other words, the purpose of politics is to serve politicians. Recent news, excerpted after the Read More, provide examples of politicians engaged in the crazy pointless things. We have "Green Czars" who believe 9/11 was a conspiracy; legislators who play solitaire on their laptops while session is in progress; bankrupt government agencies; health care that is really about empowering the taxman; and our favorite North Korean Dear Leader creating a second source of fissile material, as if one were not enough. In order to keep doing these bizarre things, politicians need power. Why? So they can get more power. There doesn't have to be a reason for their activity, only an apparent reason. The real goal of many government "reforms" and initiatives may simply be to help politicians get their hands on more authority.For what purpose, one might ask? Why do people play solitaire? Simply because. -- Belmont Club » Solitaire

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