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Waaaay too much time.


They make elderly women look like assassins and elderly men shifty, especially if they’re wearing a dog collar and/ or talking to children.

21 Vintage Snapshots Of Woman in Killer Sunglasses

I study nuclear science
I love my classes
I got a crazy teacher, he wears dark glasses
Things are going great, and they’re only getting better
I’m doing all right, getting good grades
The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades
I gotta wear shades
– Timbuk 3, The Future’s So Bright [continue reading…]


When bad things happen to bad people

Only the beginnning, folks, only the beginning of the “Antifa Pushback.”


Strange Daze

Our eternal theme song for Strange Daze

You don’t even have to click to know, do you?: Two people are stabbed in brawl at California hotel near Disneyland that involved 100 people

Fussel on the Bomb PDF When the atom bomb ended the war, I was in the Forty-fifth Infantry Division, which had been through the European war so thoroughly that it had needed to be reconstituted two or three times.

We were in a staging area near Rheims, ready to be shipped back across the United States for refresher training at Fort Lewis, Washington, and then sent on for final preparation in the Philippines. My division, like most of the ones transferred from Europe, was to take part in the invasion of Honshu. (The earlier landing on Kyushu was to be carried out by the 700,000 infantry already in the Pacific, those with whom James Jones has sympathized.) I was a twenty-one-year-old second lieutenant of infantry leading a rifle platoon. Although still officially fit for combat, in the German war I had already been wounded in the back and the leg badly enough to be adjudged, after the war, 40 percent disabled. But even if my leg buckled and I fell to the ground whenever I jumped out of the back of a truck, and even if the very idea of more combat made me breathe in gasps and shake all over, my condition was held to be adequate for the next act. When the atom bombs were dropped and news began to circulate that “Operation Olympic” would not, after all, be necessary, when we learned -9- to our astonishment that we would not be obliged in a few months to rush up the beaches near Tokyo assault-firing while being machine-gunned, mortared, and shelled, for all the practiced phlegm of our tough facades we broke down and cried with relief and joy. We were going to live. We were going to grow to adulthood after all. The killing was all going to be over, and peace was actually going to be the state of things.

When the Enola Gay dropped its package, “There were cheers,” says John Toland, “over the intercom; it meant the end of the war.” Down on the ground the reaction of Sledge’s marine buddies when they heard the news was more solemn and complicated. They heard about the end of the war with quiet disbelief coupled with an indescribable sense of relief. We thought the Japanese would never surrender. Many refused to believe it. . . . Sitting in stunned silence, we remembered our dead. So many dead. So many maimed. So many bright futures consigned to the ashes of the past. So many dreams lost in the madness that had engulfed us. Except for a few widely scattered shouts of joy, the survivors of the abyss sat hollow-eyed and silent, trying to comprehend a world without war.


Who Killed George Floyd? | In the death of George Floyd, the State of Minnesota has charged former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin with second-degree murder and former officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao with aiding and abetting that murder. But, as will be shown in detail below, the physical, scientific, and electronically recorded evidence in the case overwhelmingly and conclusively proves that these defendants are not guilty of the charges and, in fact, played no material role in bringing about Floyd’s death. [continue reading…]


Face it, when Boomer music hits the groove tsunamis of socks are blown off around the globe.

File Under: Tout le monde desir le’ crescendo

Then: Freebird – 7/2/1977 – Oakland Coliseum Stadium

This concert was, sadly, a flash before the crash: From ‘Free Bird’ still flies high by Chuck Stinnett

The July 2, 1977 concert featured Peter Frampton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana and The Outlaws. The show began at 11 a.m.; the gates opened at 9 a.m. Tickets cost $11 — less than the cost of three record albums at the time. It was a bargain nearly beyond comprehension today.

Fortunately, a professional film crew captured Skynyrd’s performance. There’s lot of footage of pretty girls in their halters or bikini tops, some of them perched on the shoulders of their boyfriend. They’re grandmothers now.

The closing song began, as always, with Billy Powell — who had worked for the band as a roadie for a year or more before Ronnie Van Zant discovered that he was a gifted keyboardist — opening with a few sweet notes from his white grand piano. A can of Budweiser sat within easy reach.

Within seconds, the fans realize what song is coming up; it’s unmistakable, really.

Slide guitarist Gary Rossington kicks in seconds later with the first guitar solo of song. By then, girls in the crowd are swaying with the music. It’s a tribal celebration.

At the 1:09 mark, Ronnie Van Zant takes the microphone and sings the opening lyrics: [continue reading…]



That time you’re driving in Virginia…


“Hey, Oprah man if this country’s so racist how did Obama get elected twice? He beat two white men in an evil white witch named Hillary.”


Duck and cover! A bomb called Licorne. Fired at 18.30 on July 3, 1970, and yielded 914 kilotons (Think “57 Hiroshimas”). Imagine it being fired next door. Hope that if it is ever fired, it is fired next door.

As the North Korean crisis escalates, President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he would respond with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if the Asian country doesn’t halt its threats. – MarketWatch

Seventy-five years ago: “On Monday, August 6, 1945, the nuclear weapon Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima by the crew of the American B-29 bomber Enola Gay, directly killing an estimated 80,000 people. By the end of the year, injury and radiation brought total casualties to 90,000-140,000. Approximately 69% of the city’s buildings were completely destroyed, and 6.6% severely damaged.”Hiroshima

“Little Boy,” the aptly named 16 kiloton bomb that took out Hiroshima, was — in comparison to the nuclear devices in the world’s arsenals — sort of a light field artillery shell. There was, at the time, a second bomb called “Fat Man.” Weighing in at 21 kilotons it would put paid to Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. With the erasure of Nagasaki, the world was fresh out of nuclear weapons. It was only a temporary lapse. Today the Planet Earth has about 25,000 of these little items of discipline scattered about.

The largest nuclear bomb ever detonated in the atmosphere was The Soviet Tsar Bomba , or “Big Ivan” which at 50 Megatons was very harmful to every living think on Novaya Zemlya Island (located above the arctic circle in the Arctic Sea) in October of 1971. Whatever else you might think about them, you can’t deny those Soviets dreamed BIG dreams.

No matter what our political feelings, I believe we can all agree that the world is getting just a wee bit too hot for comfort these days, and I don’t mean “Global Warming.” I mean that people here and there about the globe are getting just a wee bit too hot under the collar. They seem to have forgotten just exactly what comes into play like the force of gravity when whole nations or peoples get really ticked off. Time to refresh our collective memories.

“It has been 75 years since the incineration of a city in a second, and we’ve lost any sense of exactly what happens.”

I think we need to have the people of the world focus like a laser on the table stakes of going beyond these little patty-cake wars we are currently diddling around with and look, really look, at what can actually happen with one little slip.

What we need to do this is: “The Live Demo.” By this I mean we need to find a small island or deserted space somewhere on the planet and sacrifice it for the greater good by setting off one, just one, low-yield thermonuclear device in the atmosphere for all the world to see.

Think of “The Live Demo” as a remedial educational moment for the entire world; a kind of slap upside the head coupled with a large shout out of: “PAY ATTENTION!”

I believe this “Live Demo” needs to be announced — in date, time, and place — to the entire world with something approaching the intensity of the promotion dumped on the Beijing Olympics.

I believe that we should allow any media organization that wishes to to cover this event and provide the infrastructure necessary to film and broadcast it (from a safe distance) to the entire world in all media — live. I believe we should re-task a satellite to give us a view of the event from space.

No matter what many may think, this event would be the essence of “appointment television” for the people of the world.

[continue reading…]


Old Bland Joe

Gone are the days when my brain was young and gay
Gone are corn pops of the swimming pools away
Gone to the sniff the scent of all the young girls I know
I hear those Bland Lives voices calling, “Old Bland Joe”

I’m thinking I’m stinking
But my brain’s imploding slow
I hear those Bland Lives voices calling, “Old Bland Joe

I’m coming home (I’m coming home)
Oh-oh my head is bending low
I hear those gentle voices calling, “Old Bland Joe”
Old Bland Joe, Old Bland Joe, Old Bland Joe

Why do I speak when I forget just where I am?
Grieving for a brain now departed long ago
I hear their Bland Lives voices calling, “Old Bland Joe”

Where are all those I molested happy and free?
The children so dear that I held upon my knee?
Gone to the sewer where my brain has long’d to go
I hear those Bland Lives voices calling, “Old Bland Joe Joe”


Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade


Strange Daze

Motorcycle Sacrificed to the Great God BLM!

Driver of Truck has his say:

The Culture War was something declared on us, when our lives and churches were invaded by these stinking, statist trolls. Their motives are demonic, but we leave that to God: for our purpose can only be to destroy them, in the near term. The pulverization of the Left and all its projects, would be good for us, and in itself, but also good for the leftists. Here let me resort to the “argumentum ad Hitlerum”: we did the Germans a favour by getting the Nazis off their backs. Had we been pacifists, and surrendered, we would only have gone to hell with them. There is no holiness in surrender, except to God. It is our duty to “bend the knee” to no other.

Intel ousts its chief engineer, shakes up technical group after delays. Having failed to appease the Seven Nanometer Gods, the Council of Elders at Intel cast their Lead Technowizard into the void, and shatter the Magekeep into disparate pieces, entrusting their protection to a legion of Bureaucracy Golems nestled deep in the Pits of Corporate Synergy. Hackernews takes a break from furiously ordering two-hour Prime delivery of Chinese counterfeit Hydroflasks to express deep concern for the death of American manufacturing. They follow up with some noise about national defense, but soon they have to get back to work shoveling other people’s information into the hands of stateless international corporations incapable of patriotism or humanity.

There’s also the possibility that reality has simply gone on holiday and will return to put all of this back in order. Some unknown crisis will reveal the massive cracks in the foundation of the current economic model. Everyone will suddenly snap out of the fog of plenty and rush for the exits. After all, the Bronze Age economic model was unable to hold up under the pressure of the Sea People. The current economic model may simply collapse under the weight of a billion Africans. [continue reading…]