March 21, 2005

This Just in from "The Deepening Dementia"

FILE UNDER: "You Just C a n n o t Make This Stuff Up"
"Akono, who is from Cambodia and is married to a British man, plans to go on a hunger strike from April 14 in protest against the continuing war on terror.

" 'I want to do everything I can to make sure my child has a secure future,' said the pregnant activist."

Full story Here.

[Via Chrenkoff]

Posted by Vanderleun at March 21, 2005 10:15 AM
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Pregnant!? I was thinking that she was yet another wacko till I got to that last factoid. Soooo, she is going to starve her child, still in the womb, till it is aborted due to starvation or is born severly crippled so it can have a better future!? Argh!

Posted by: mdmhvonpa at March 21, 2005 12:34 PM

Irony had to take a's just been overworked these last few months.

Posted by: Jeremiah at March 21, 2005 3:37 PM