March 25, 2004

First Our Objects Were Unidentified, Then Our Crops Were Circled, Then Our Cattle Were Bored, and Now We're Being "Chemtrailed!"

FILE UNDER: "Mixed Nuts of America"

"A week or so ago I saw 12 different trails making an * rather than an X. One jet went straight and then turned exactly on one of the lines and paralleled it. If these were commercial flights, I would be really nervous to have so many planes converging on one central axis. I was driving at the time and til I got back they had blended into one grey scummy cloud. I was really sorry I missed that shot.

I'm not convinced they are deliberately trying to spread disease or affect our health, could be a by-product or not happening at all...then again.....
-- BELLACIAO - Conversations on Chemtrails- The truth about what is happening in America - Collective Bellaciao

Then again, perhaps alien octopi are walking along your ceiling hoping for a ghost squid sandwich. Dilute! Ciao!

[HT: THE STEEL DEAL, who really gets around. Check him out.]

Posted by Vanderleun at March 25, 2004 8:35 PM
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