September 11, 2013

On Forgetfulness

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"Forgetfulness occurs when those who have been long inured to civilized order can no longer remember a time in which they had to wonder whether their crops would grow to maturity without being stolen or their children sold into slavery by a victorious foe.

"They forget that in time of danger, in the face of the Enemy, they must trust and confide in each other, or perish.

"They forget, in short, that there has ever been a category of human experience called the Enemy. And that, before 9/11, was what had happened to us. The very concept of the Enemy had been banished from our moral and political vocabulary. An enemy was just a friend we hadn’t done enough for — yet. Or perhaps there had been a misunderstanding, or an oversight on our part — something that we could correct. And this means that that our first task is that we must try to grasp what the concept of the Enemy really means.

"The Enemy is someone who is willing to die in order to kill you. And while it is true that the Enemy always hates us for a reason — it is his reason, and not ours."

from Lee Harris’s Civilization And Its Enemies.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at September 11, 2013 9:32 AM
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Our enemy, like a dog, respects the strong and resolute, and despises weakness. He cannot contain himself when he sees the groveling common to the pretentious, which is a thing unnatural that must be exterminated. They have a point.

Posted by: james wilson at September 11, 2013 10:11 AM

The Media and the Intellectual Class create a Narrative, that tells us that "you don't understand", "the world is more nuanced than that", "it was the Crusades and the imperialism of the West that made them do it", and on and on and on. A lot of the words frankly aren't important anymore, because the message is and was,"this isn
t worth defending, really, and all cultures are equivalent, blah, blah, blah." I'm sure that the tens of thousands of Kurds in northern Iraq that were gassed and killed by a malevolent man would attest to the "no enemies" theorem.

And then they sold us on a new President; Barack Hussein Obama. Roll that around in your mind, 12 years after 9/11/01.

Posted by: David at September 11, 2013 8:02 PM

that is something i have not ever read.very comprehensive analysis.

Posted by: matthew at December 9, 2013 2:34 AM