June 15, 2004

Linkblogging Lite

One of the Benefits AquaMinds' NoteTaker is that you can make endless notebooks of links from web pages you like. One of the curses of AquaMinds' NoteTaker is that those of us interested in the Structuring of a Linkblog can inflict these stacks of notes on our readers. Here's my stack from today.

Tentacles, Suckers and Slime, Oh My!: New Zealand Sea Creature: Basking Shark or Plesiosaur? -- or simply a chance for an extremely large portion of deep-friend calimari?

Testosterone Moments: Learn the truth about the Ferrari Enzo and compare it to the truth about the Dodge Ram SRT-10 at Robert Farago's "The Truth About Cars," home of the best hands-on automobile reviews on the web.

Won't Get Fooled Again: If you've ever been a victim of the many "Crimes of Persuasion" such as Schemes, Scams, Fraud ( investment fraud, consumer rip-offs, senior scams, telemarketing fraud, pyramid schemes, elderly victims, internet email scams, Nigerian fraud, swindles, shonks ). this site will probably have your number.

Saint Typo is Ours. Who is yours? Choose one or more of The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design

Buddhism and Christianity come together in this classic Zen Koan. "Koan" -- as in One Hand Clapping.

Two, Two, Two Things Are One: The high concept here is that all you need to know about anything can essentially be known if you know The Two Things that are essential to know.

Get a Whole New Look Out of That Old Black Tee-Shirt: "I'll be your Ninja tonight!"

Now That You've Given Up Cigars you are probably wondering what to do with that very expensive humidor you got just before the IPO in 1999. Wonder no more becausemini-itx.com is "at your server" [sic]. And if you happen to come across an old Underwood Typewriter here's your chance to get many more years of functionality out of it.

Photographs Worth Checking Out include AK47's Boxing Boys and Suburban Dreams as well as Barbara Coles's work made by bringing togther a model, diaphenous clothing, a swimming pool and a Polaroid.

Our Number One Pick for Dumb Comic Book Covers is over on the side bar. But there are still eleven choices left right here.

Dead Last on Our Amazon Wish List would have to be The Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping.

Remember Those Revell Airplane Models you were so proud of putting together when you were a kid? One look at Young Park's aluminum airplane models and you'll be glad you blew them up with cherry bombs and airplane glue.

Help for Psychotic Closets is at Hand via Barbra Horowitz's "closet therapy." She's located in, of course, the one place where people have more money and closets than time -- Los Angeles. Her method: "edit, purge, style." We're not sure what goes on during the "purge" phase.

We Could Go On, but we're becoming nervous about the whining and grinding noise that keeps coming out of our newly acquired : SimpleTech Hard Drive . Perhaps backing thing up in odd numbered years isn't really that good a plan. Then again, we bought this drive for BackUps. Not thinking we'd need to backup the backup.

On the other hand, a major hard-disk failure would be strangely liberating. It would give us more time to pursue our new sport of choice: "monkeyfishing " "n. to catch fish by charging water with an electric current then netting the stunned or panicked fish which rise to the surface." There's a very old and very bad joke associated with this, but we will spare you.

For now.

Posted by Vanderleun at June 15, 2004 3:24 PM
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