May 16, 2004

When A Tabloid Tells More Truth Than the Boston Globe


THIS IS HOW a real newspaper corrects itself. The Boston Globe, however, makes do with a warm pile of drivel. The Mirror's Editor was sacked with "more to come:" "Live by the scoop, die by the scoop."

But printing fake photographs from dubious sources chock full of porn seems to something they let slide at the Globe. The Boston Globe's editor has proudly proclaimed that nobody will be fired and no one will be asked to resign, except perhaps Donald Rumsfeld.

OKAY, TELL ME AGAIN about the professionalism and honor of America's papers of record:


CONFUSION AND INCOMPETENCE. Boston Globe ombudsman Christine Chinlund gets a B-minus today for her assessment of what went wrong with those hardcore porn pictures that made their way into the Globe on Wednesday. The photos were promoted by Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and local activist Sadiki Kambon as possibly depicting US soldiers raping Iraqi women.

The Boston Globe is owned by, and evidently held to the same standards as, The New York Times.
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Posted by Vanderleun at May 16, 2004 8:38 PM
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