July 24, 2004

Press Freedom, Iraqi Style

(Al-Mutamar) - It shows a gunman gives a box full of weapons to an Iraqi man. The caption on the box says "Arab gifts to the brothers of the people of Iraq".

AN UP TO DATE SAMPLING of what is being said in the new Iraq's newspapers can be seen atIraq Press Monitor via the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Here are a few snippits from Friday, July 23:

Editorial: Bush fabricates Iranian connection to bin Laden (Al-Mashriq, 21 Jul 04) - President Bush's administration does not even bother to change its way of fabricating lies used to offend or occupy other countries. The American propaganda machine is now marketing lies accusing Iran, as it did with Iraq, of having a relation with Osama Bin Laden. Everyone knows that Iran and bin Laden are contradictory from the sectarian, political, and ideological viewpoint. There is nothing in common between Iran's political project and bin Laden's. Do not be surprised if Washington declares enmity with Tehran because the latter declares enmity with Israel which lies close to the American heart. Iran is Muslim in religion, attitude, and politics. Its enemies are after weakening Islam as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whoever wants to support Islam has to frustrate the Greatest Satan's plots.

Editorial: Kuwait overstepping its rightful dues
By Basim al-Sheikh
(Addustour, 17 Jul 04) When Iraqi officials visit Kuwait they give up their patriotism to win the favour of its Sheikhs and fortunes. The officials who visited Kuwait after April 9, 20004 made concessions under the pretext of satisfying Kuwait and returning its rights. We do not deny the damage after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait but it should not take more than its rights under the presence of occupation and silence of those who happened to have posts. What is happening on the Iraq-Kuwait borders should not be ignored. Kuwait usurped more than 40 km of Iraqi lands, such as Safan farms and al-Sanam mountain, which contain oil. Perhaps, this issue was not raised because many would lose their posts. Besides, the tone of fear is still characteristic of Kuwaitis while Iraqis are ready to reassure them.
(Addustour is an independent daily published by former journalist Basim al-Sheikh.)

Editorial: Dialogue works better than threats
(Al-Adala, 21 Jul 04) We have called upon our neighbours to prevent infiltrators from crossing borders, and warned them that terrorism would keep spreading and might include them. We believe dialogue is the best means of fighting dangers and the Cairo meeting is evidence that everyone has felt the danger....

Editorial: Saddam loyalists have no place in new security arrangements
(Al-Bayan, 17 Jul 04) Nobody questions Iraq's need for an internal security apparatus. But what requires a second thought is its personnel, especially high-ranking ones. It would be a catastrophe if Saddam's security personnel were restored under the pretext that they are well-trained. It is known now that terrorist operations are led by Saddam's security apparatuses and extremist fundamentalists....

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