August 4, 2003

Throne of the Geek Kings


When a Starbucks table and a wi-fi hotspot just doesn't cut it any more, check out: Personal Computing Envirionments ::: MasterPeace & PeaceMaker

We're increasingly working, playing and managing our lives through a PC, so why not do it in comfort, with all your computing and entertainment technology and devices at your fingertips? Personal computing environments represent a new paradigm in human-computer interaction: Instead of setting up computers then introducing the human as an afterthought, PCE puts the comfort and productivity needs of the human first, and then orients the technology around the human.

Hey, slap in a small refrigerator and a bedpan and we'd never leave the house.

Posted by Vanderleun at August 4, 2003 6:41 PM
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I'm sitting at a microsphere right now. After the bust the company I was working at had 30 of these things, so I grabbed one for 50 bucks (the prices on their web page are outrageous). After a few months I found the chair made my ass hurt and my girlfriend noticed what looked like a blood clot, so I threw that out and bought an aeron. I kept the part of the microsphere that holds the monitor and keyboard and added a bookholder, so people do still ask me if my desk was once the cockpit of a UFO. That and the pointing and laughing.

Posted by: Shai at August 4, 2003 7:22 PM