February 4, 2004

They're Coming to America

So, tell me again about how everyone, everywhere hates this arrogant, terrible, violent, imperialistic, overbearing country.

"Got a '59 Buick to take them there..."

A group of Cubans sails toward the Florida Straits on a modified 1959 Buick Tuesday February 3, 2004. The pilots were the same two men who tried to sail a converted 1951 Chevy flatbed truck to the U.S. last year. Nine other Cubans, including wives and children, were intercepted by the U.S Coast Guard on Tuesday Feb. 3, 2004. (AP Photo/CBS4, HO)
Everywhere around the world
They're coming to America.
Everytime that flag's unfurled,
They're coming to America.
Got a dream to take them there,
They're coming to America.
Got a dream they come to share,
They're coming to America.
They're coming to America.

-- Neil Diamond-America

Now you might think these refugees from a Communist dictatorship are crazy to try and get in this way, but do you have any idea what a cherry '59 Buick is worth in Florida, once you dry it out?

You'll note they tried it before with a flatbed Chevy truck. Bad idea. No resale value.

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