August 7, 2003

Say the Magic Word, say "Retro-gram" and it's on it's Merry Way...

My reminder Retro-Gram from Mark Twain
Writers, click image and take note.

Stop sending those free e-cards, you cheapskate, and drop some change on Retro-Gram.Com Purveyors of Internet Telegrams. These are the new and classy way to get your message across on the Web. Yes, they cost 99 cents each, but that means you'll put some effort into it. Excellent for business contacts, insults to those who have earned them, idea pitches, and (trust me on this one) people you love.

Retro-Grams are not just another e-card: they are a unique form of internet communication presented in classic style. Delivered right to your computer via e-mail, they offer authentic historical detail, and outstanding print quality thanks to Adobe Acrobat. They're fun and easy to send, and a little thrilling to get.

Posted by Vanderleun at August 7, 2003 9:16 AM
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