July 5, 2004

This Just Almost In

Why is this man laughing?

CNN, ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER MEDIA OUTLET with nothing better to do, is busy telling us that: Speculation over Kerry VP pick soars, while the Washington Post Reports that Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts at Conception.

Perhaps, just as soon as he gets a concept, the life of the Kerry Campaign can begin.

Then again, if it actually became a "Kerry Campaign" instead of a "Hate Bush Campaign," Kerry would soon be buying another posh country estate in Mondale Land, just down the road from Dukakis Estates.

It is becoming clearer with every passing day that nobody, but nobody, gives a tinker's dam what Kerry thinks, what his positions are or are not, and whether or not he has the character to govern. His entire campaign is being run around the theme of "I am the Not-George."

Shameful for him, and even more shameful for his supporters.

Will he have a concept for a veep soon? Who knows, who cares? It doesn't matter who as long as that person is the Not-Cheney.

A dozen candidates, over two years in the making, one bazillion hours of news cycles, and the Democratic Party comes up with a slate of Not-holes. Somehow, it all fits.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 5, 2004 8:01 PM
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