July 29, 2004

The "Stealth Democrats" of Canada

COMMENTING ON "THE INEVITABLE BUSH BLOWOUT" BELOW Patrick @ Ubi Libertas tells us the instructive tale of a similar situation in Canada. Excerpt:

"A couple of comments on this stealth Democrat theory. First, something very similar happened in Canada about twenty years ago, at a convention to select a new leader for the Tories. One candidate, a well-known woman MP named Flora MacDonald was doing very well in the polls before the convention. Much was made of the possibility that MacDonald might become the first female leader of a major Canadian political party, and quite possibly Prime Minister. But on voting day, MacDonald got only a small fraction of the vote count she was expected to get. Lots of people who said they were going to vote for her - who told MacDonald, told the press, and told pollsters they were going to - got into the privacy of the voting booth and voted for someone else. It was a major story in Canada at the time, and is now referred to as the Flora MacDonald syndrome."
There's more at the link.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 29, 2004 9:40 PM
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I think the same thing is going to happen on election day. People will enter the booth to vote
for Kerry, will look at the choices, stop and think about their families, their country and
their lives will look honestly at the dem candidate's record and vote for the president.

The fact is, they are smart enough to know President Bush will fight to keep America safe,
and Kerry will not until, as he said last night
someone strikes, and then we will fight back.

The president is the person to be president for
the next four years, and they know it underneath
all their liberal hides and will vote for the
man who will do his best every day to keep Americans and their children as safe as they
can make it in America at this time.

Kerry and the liberals have not figured out that
America is at war with some very nasty people.
But, many liberal Americans have and when in the booth will vote for Bush.

Posted by: Carole at July 30, 2004 8:17 AM

Most liberals are nowhere near as stupid as most conservatives. Recent studies show that conservatives are willfully ignoring facts and succumbing to pathetic denial over the Bush administration's failure to protect this country.

I suspect that many people will get to the voting booth, recognize that a vote for Bush represents sending their young children off to die in the middle east, and then choose Kerry, who has engaged in warfare and is better qualified to understand the stresses and choices required. The only people who are going to vote for Bush are the ignorant religious masses who see this as a religious crusade.

Posted by: Jenny Rogers at October 23, 2004 9:37 AM