October 23, 2004

On Comments

A brief note about comments:

As many know, "comment spam" is a vile and unceasing problem in the blog world. Usually I weed out these noxious items as part of my early-morning ritual, but after being away last week I returned to find that more than 1,500 comment spams of particularly odious content had been posted to the page.

The result is that I am still, in fits and starts, working to remove them. But in the meantime I've set comments off by default.

In the near future we will install a more advanced blogging system and I'll be able to return things to normal, but in the interim please bear with me.

If you do have something you would like included, please email it to me at the link under the Jasper Johns' American flag in the upper right hand corner. I'll do my best to fit it in.

Thank you.

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