March 6, 2005


SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ASKS: "Is it possible that urging the overweight or mildly obese to cut calories and lose weight

may actually do more harm than good?" To which it answers, "Yup."

SCISCOOP DISCOVERS it's not a marathon, it's a sprint: "Just six minutes of intense exercise a week could be as effective as an hour of daily moderate activity."

YOURISH AND DARTH VADER, the Exclusive Interview: "The Sith Lords are no darker than your average Republicans."

COBB ON BLING: "Nobody misses Arthur Andersen or Enron. Businesses move on, people move on. People say that money doesn't matter, but everybody likes when rich people take a bullet to the head."

WORST PIZZA ON PLANET EARTH:Galactic Pizza -- A Message For Vegans: "To meet this promise, we have sampled and surveyed a variety of products looking for best tasting cheese substitute on the market today. Any pizza listed as vegan will be topped with this gourmet mozzarella alternative and the chicken will be replaced with mock duck. Of course you can always build your own masterpiece using these toppings as well!" [HT: Lileks, James]

LILEKS' SCREEDBLOG ( "... where polarizing grumpy reactionary drivel can be placed in a cordon sanitaire ..." ) opens for business with the brilliant: The latest example of the US Army’s Koran Humiliation Initiative has that headline-grabbing word: URINE. You’d think Private Anderson swaggered over, unholstered Private Johnson and let loose a pounding stream of tangy intentional desecration on the book as it was clutched to the sobbing breast of the terrorist. (Sorry, detainee.) Of course, what really happened was slightly less horrible; someone took a leak outside the cells, and the gentle Caribbean breeze carried a jot of pee through a ventilation grill, where it lit upon the Koran.

As the WaPo story notes: “The Sergeant of the guard . . . ensure the detainee received a fresh uniform and a new Qu’ran.”

Life in the Gulag of our times. Bastards probably didn’t take all the pins out of the uniform.

THE INVALUABLE MICHAEL YON REPORTS on real life in a Yezidi village in Iraq, Lost in Translation: "We cry when America loses one soldier. We pray for the soldiers every night."

TERRY TEACHOUT EXAMINES the recent shape of the "political play" on and off Broadway and concludes: "Instead of seeking to persuade--to change the minds of its viewers--it takes for granted their concurrence."

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