March 26, 2005

Waking at Dawn

IT IS SO SILENT HERE that the softest of noises can wake me. This morning it was the rush of wings and mutterings from the two doves that seem to have taken up residence in the foliage outside my bedroom window.

It was just after first light, 5:45 by the red numerals on the coffee pot in the kitchen. I took the pot and filled it with water, put in the beans, and started the device. As it whirred and chuffled away, I walked out onto my deck that looks out over the brindle hills and down to the Pacific a mile or so away.

The sea seemed ruffled in large smooth circles, slate in the fading shadow of the hills but, as it rolled out towards the horizon, shading up into a charcoled blue, then to a gray blue haze at the horizon rising up into rose that gave off abruptly into clear and fresh blue.

Hanging just above the line of rose was the full moon gleaming gold in the exact center of all that I could see.

I watched it slide down the sky for some time, then I went back into the kitchen for coffee. When I came out to look again, it was gone.

Unexpected beauty rising in the center of all you can see. Take your eyes away and then look again and its gone. But the day goes on and the light rises around you and you know, with an abiding faith, that beauty will surprise you again when you least expect it, out of the dark on a rush of wings. There are many ways of this world and that one is not the least of them.

I thought for a moment about turning on the news to see what had transpired in the rest of the world while I slept. I decided against it. Held halfway between a death and a life, between Good Friday and Easter, I'd already learned the news of the day.

Posted by Vanderleun at March 26, 2005 7:21 AM
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Halfway twixt night and day as well. Enjoyable,
you made my own morning better.

Posted by: Steel Turman at March 26, 2005 8:00 AM

Truly beautiful. A thoughtful commentary to this special weekend, and on life itself.

Posted by: Red Baron at March 26, 2005 8:23 AM

Oh. Thank you. Thank you.

Posted by: Amy at March 26, 2005 9:55 AM

To observe and appreciate such beauty is a blessing. To share it as you have is a blessing bestowed. I thank you. I thank God.

Posted by: Levans at March 26, 2005 6:51 PM