January 17, 2008

The Essayists: Brief Links to Long Thinks

  • "Why I Write" Neoneocon at her finest with The Blog of the Ancient Mariner "Because, like Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, it seems I am compelled to tell my tale. The Mariner faces a situation more dramatic than mine, and he meets his listeners face-to-face. But I can identify, nevertheless:
    Since then, at an uncertain hour,
    That agony returns :
    And till my ghastly tale is told,
    This heart within me burns.

  • Culture of Divorce, Culture of Death by Anthony Esolen. "There you have the motto for a culture of divorce. Cain's words assume that the brother, the parent, the spouse, the neighbor is not worth keeping. What to do with one who obstructs my will, or casts a pall over my daydreams? If I can get away with it, and if I am angry enough, I put him away."
  • Unqualified Reservations actually knows How to actually defeat the US government "To liquidate Washcorp, convince as many Plainlanders as possible - certainly a majority, and ideally a substantial majority - that Washcorp is not acting in their best interests, that in fact it is fundamentally parasitic, and that it needs to be liquidated.
  • Siggy on "feelings:""The 'feelings' that we are forced to contend with, have at their source a 'Get Bush!' origin. Their myopic and narcissistic addictions are out of control." And then he tells you how he really feels.
  • Sippican Cottage: (I Continue To Be) Not Lonely. Alone. "I bet the undertaker pinched them all before screwing the lids down, too, just to make sure they weren't just being real quiet like."
  • "Why Can't We All Just Not Get Along?" "When liberals talk about ending gridlock and getting rid of partisanship, what they really mean is that they want people who disagree with their version of the world to lie down and play dead."
  • Jonathan Brink on That Darn Ego "Over time the search for applause grew exhausting. The fickle crowd was never pleased enough. The bar somehow kept increasing the older I got."
  • Christopher Chantrill asks Does Big Government Help Women? "In the name of womens' liberation our society has chivvied women out of their homes and neighborhoods and the life that many women prefer: family, children and cooperative relationships with other women. Above all it has bullied them out of their instinctive culture of giving and helping and into full-time paid (and taxable) employment.... The odd thing is that the political party that has created this unjust world for women gets most of their support."

    Posted by Vanderleun at January 17, 2008 7:20 AM
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