April 18, 2004

Water from Mars any country of the world yet has no.

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In 1983 from cosmodrome " Baikonur " flying device � С-01 which has been directed to Mars has been started, with the purpose of studying structure of an atmosphere of Mars, and also by possible landing to a surface of a planet of the controlled device with a capsule for a capture of test of a ground.

However in 1984 communication with the device has been lost, agrees with the authorized program signals from the Earth were sent, but acknowledgement on their acceptance were not. Therefore the top management the decision on nondisclosure of the given incident and officially this program was accepted was closed.

In 1989 the base of the space control which is taking place on New Land, had been accepted a signal with � С-01 which under the programmed program should return on the ground, the device entered into circumterraneous space and in 16 days � С-01 has been found in steppes of Kazakhstan. But any information on a course of works and results was not, the device has been damaged by fine space bodies, the data carrier has been destroyed, however in a capsule which should go down on a surface of Mars, the stone which then has been checked up by scientists has been found, but scientists have checked up a stone only from an external part.

In the middle of 2003 our group could receive this stone. We have carried out detailed research of all stone and at the end of the same year have found out water in the connected condition as kristallogidratov (FeSO47H2O; CaSO42H2O; CuSO45H2O), then we could allocate with himiko-physical methods water.

Water from Mars any country of the world yet has no. Therefore the opportunity to become the first owner of water which many years have been covered with a secret is represented to you.

Posted by Vanderleun at April 18, 2004 12:16 AM
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