November 22, 2015

Notes from the Underground 7


The Silent Crisis | Belmont

The sudden awareness that enemy is ruthless and armed, while the population is largely unarmed and vulnerablecan set one's gizzards to churning. It will prove impossible to oppose the Jihad without questioning the Western political orthodoxy.

This duality explains why resistance to Syrian refugee resettlement in America has taken the form of a 'revolt' against Barack Obama. "Governors across the country are publicly rejecting President Obama's plan to relocate Syrian refugees." There's a growing realization that the Jihadi threat in part rests upon a destructive political agenda in the West which enables it, nurtures it and spreads it because in some perverse way it helps those same Western political forces keep power.

Are Christianity and Science Incompatible? |

The idea of miracles -- far from undermining science -- implicitly assumes that there is a natural order to the universe, albeit one which from time to time is interrupted. Jesus' resurrection from the dead is more impressive because this one event, out of billions of biological phenomena, transgresses the laws of biology. A miracle would not be a miracle if there were no natural laws, or if the human mind could not be relied upon to understand them.

Give Hate a Chance

A Muslim just blew herself up during a raid. The Parisian people I met would blame the police for her death. “Let it be,” as the Beatles say.

I’m not kidding. At one of the memorials, I heard dozens of young people singing “Give Peace a Chance” together. They were also singing Top 40 ballads from the likes of John Legend. They smoked pot and took selfies and provided meaningless gifts to the dead like a Jim Morrison flag with the eyes painted black. Can we have just one hate crime, please? Can one skinhead throw a brick through one window? Can France take a break from pleading and singing and be irrational just for a day?

No-go & safe zones : On this planet, there are no permanent “safe zones,” for Catholics or others of the Christian persuasion. Or anyone.

The idea of retiring from the world, to the monastery or the hermitage, has, approximately, nothing to do with the “no-go” and safe zones demanded by Muslim psychopaths and campus liberals. Those a little acquainted with history will know there is no mountain so high, no desert so wide, to keep off the Devil. He is familiar with our earthly geography, and has that spirit of enterprise that progressive folk so honour. He’s comin’ ta get ya, and only those already got will fail to discern his approach.

Is Your Kid a Weirdo? :America is in the grip of a crisis, namely a shortage of normal people.

Evidence indicates that the population of kooks and freaks is rapidly increasing, and there are simply not enough sane people to keep the weirdos under control. Especially among the under-30 demographic, the United States is struggling to cope with the proliferation of dangerous perverts, drug addicts, psychotics and Ivy League liberal arts majors....

G.K. Chesterton: “My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.”

Why Tom Wolfe is the most important writer of the twenty-first century.

I’ve stopped counting the number of times over the last year that I thought I was living in a Wolfe book. The hysteria and riots provoked by the police killing of Michael Brown, who never said, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” is a replay of Bonfire of the Vanities, published in 1987. The debate over migration, ethnicity, assimilation, and identity roiling the presidential primary was foreshadowed in 2012’s Back to Blood. The spectacle of a television star facing manslaughter charges who announces he’s become a woman—then being lauded for his courage while he says the hardest part of his new gender is “figuring out what to wear”—well, the absurdity of that one is rather without precedent. But no doubt Wolfe agrees that Caitlyn Jenner is great fun.

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Posted by: Stella at November 22, 2015 3:11 PM

The President says that we are not at war with Islam. In this, as in everything else that he says, he is wrong. As wrong, as he could possibly be.

The Muslim ummah (the community of believers) inhabits the Dar al Islam (the House of Submission -- i.e. to the will of Allah), and they are at all times at war with the non-Muslim world, the Dar al Harb (the House of War, as they have it).

Westerners think that, as Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian general and military theorist, wrote, war is merely the continuation of politics by other means. This understanding is completely alien to Islam. As David P. Goldman, who writes under the nom du blog of Spengler, explains:

"There is no Grace in Islam, no miracle, no expiatory sacrifice, no expression of love for mankind such that each Muslim need not be a sacrifice. On the contrary, the concept of jihad, in which the congregation of Islam is also the army, states that every single Muslim must sacrifice himself personally. Jihad is the precise equivalent of the Lord's Supper in Christianity and the Jewish Sabbath, the defining expression of sacrifice that opens the prospect of eternity to the mortal believer. To ask Islam to become moderate, to reform, to become a peaceful religion of personal conscience is the precise equivalent of asking Catholics to abolish Mass."

* * *

"Revolt against usurpation, the revenge of the pure life of traditional society against the corrupt mores of the metropole, is the heart of Islam. ... Islam summons the tribes to unite against the oppressive empires to its West, to march out together and fight until their enemies, the Dar-al-Harb, exist no more."

"In proud defiance of revealed religion, the destroyer of the tribes, Islam holds to the primal demand of self-sacrifice. The jihadi's self-immolation in war, symbolized by the drawing of blood and the bleeding of nature itself, is the fundamental act of worship. The immortality of the individual, put at risk by the encroachment of the metropole upon the life of the tribe, is regained through the revolt of the endangered tribes against the usurpation of the empire that forms its motivation."

Jihad and Self-Sacrifice in Islam February 16, 2015

How can we end a war that is being waged as a sacrament? Islam is the problem. The world will never be peaceful until Islam has been extirpated.

You might say that there would be peace if the entire world were to join the Dar al Islam. Wouldn't surrender end the war? Don't be foolish. Look at the world around you. A totally Islamic world would be just as violent as the Middle East is now. If they can't fight infidels, they will declare each other to be heretics, and fight among themselves.

There is a canard raised by leftists, that only a tiny percentage Muslims out of the billion and a half (+/-) who plague the world, are violent Jihadis. This statement is true and totally useless.

The vast majority of men are sheep. They will not voluntarily commit acts of violence. Even in the mass conscript armies of the 20th Century, most draftees were part of the tail, not the tooth. Of the ones who wound up as infantry on the front lines, large numbers never fired their weapons. Islam will produce as many Jihadis as it needs to wage its wars, they will not run short.

The world will never be peaceful until Islam has been extirpated.

Posted by: Fat Man at November 22, 2015 7:50 PM

Link for the Spengler essay:

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