May 14, 2004

Why Movable Type's Money Move Spells Disaster

WHILE ONLY A BUBBLE IN THE BLOGSPHERE, the fiasco aborning at Six Apart and MovableType is certainly of interest to those of us who have up til now used the application. So far, among the many hundreds of posts about the Trotts announced plan to sink their own company, the best explanation of how badly they have handled this and how disastrous it will be for them is: This is why VCs bring in the MBAs

MT is decent software, even if its kind of rough in areas. But what they're looking at doing is just silly, and is going to be incredibly detrimental. They've always had very... "iffy" licensing, and lots of people have been chomping at the bit and looking for alternatives... but a combination of inertia and features kept people using or trying to work around the license issues.

But this is just beyond stupid, it's just obvious they don't "get it". And really the reaction looks to be about 95% negative.

Oh, I'm sure they'll try to spin it... At some point soon you'll see one of them come out and try to throw all sorts of spin on this, using lots of vague terms and mentioning "people who have to live", "mouths to feed", "features aren't free", etc. in the coming while.

And that is just the nub of it. Read the whole thing and become educated in how good companies go bad in... oh, about a day.
UPDATE: I've note decided which new system to use, but WordPress is getting good buzz.

For those of you who want to know the way to migrate from MT to WordPress, the skinny is at: C A R T H I K . N E T Moving from movable type to WordPress "A lot of MT users might want to move to WordPress, but may have a lot of questions and doubts regarding the move, and about WordPress. I thought a short post with essential resources, tips and answers will come in handy to at least a few people, so here goes."

Posted by Vanderleun at May 14, 2004 7:14 PM
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