March 6, 2004

Reach Out and Scam Someone

Ah, yes, the uses of new technology to advance the old technology of lying:

Cell phone software creates bogus backgrounds

Pretending to be stuck in traffic during a mobile phone call could become much easier using software that generates fake background noise.

SoundCover, developed by a Romania phone software company called Simeda, can add artificial traffic and road works to a call at the press of a button. It can mimic a thunderstorm, the dentists drill or even a circus during a call.

....The trick involves blending the outgoing voice audio with another looped audio track. Tofan says this is only possible with the latest version of the Symbian mobile phone operating system --New Scientist

We're looking forward to the release of counter-software, "DetectALoop," so that you can go from "Calling in sick" to "Calling in stupid."

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