June 30, 2009

Monday: Photo Captions from Around the World 6:29-09


"About suffering they were never wrong, 
The Old Masters" -- Auden

Supporters of President Bambang cheered
At a rally in Central Java Monday.

Iraqi security forces showed peace signs
Patrolling Basra Monday.

A boy beat the heat in a cool, cool spray
Out near Chandigarh Monday.

People enjoyed the coolness of the Tuileries
In central Paris Monday.

A Canadian civilian contractor relaxed outside
His tent at Kandahar Monday.
Volunteers sorted rubbish
For recycling at Glastonbury Monday.

A man worked stacking sticks
At a Yingtan timber market Monday.

Cliff diver Alain Kohl dove off
A bridge in Frankfurt Monday.

A priest held confession before an ordination
Ceremony in Switzerland Monday.
An Iraqi police officer kissed the national flag
On his police car in Baghdad Monday.

Agnieszka Radwanska returned a ball to Melanie Oudin
During their Wimbledon tennis match Monday.

Israelis collected vegetables to be thrown
At a demonstration in Jerusalem Monday.

An Israeli police officer spoke on his radio
At a Jerusalem shopping mall Monday.
A boy rode his bicycle on the embankment
Of the Danube River in Budapest Monday.

New priests prostrated themselves
During the ordination Mass Monday.
Spanish marines competed in the Fan-Pin
Military race in San Fernando Monday.

A woman displaced by fighting in Pakistan
Sat with her daughter at a U.N. camp
In the Swabi district

Captions with their images can be found at Pictures of the Day Posted by Vanderleun at June 30, 2009 10:07 PM
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