October 10, 2004

DNC Proposes New Presidential Seal


"I have a plan!"

First things first: [Kerry] would begin, if sworn into office, by going immediately to the United Nations to deliver a speech recasting American foreign policy. -- NYT 'Kerry's Undeclared War'
"[Kerry] is the Ultimate Conservative - not in politics, mind you, but in temperament. He is the man of the status quo par excellence. Nothing changes or should change in the World According to Kerry. All this talk of nuance is simply a mask for stasis. These "subtleties" of thought are almost never original, merely idea rotation for its own sake, going nowhere and deliberately so. The real(motivating) idea is not to move. No wonder he is so appealing to the solons of the Mainstream Media who benefit so greatly by this status quo. The problem is - the status quo these days is death." -- Roger L. Simon Posted by Vanderleun at October 10, 2004 7:51 AM
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