October 22, 2003

Letter from the Front

The indispensible LGF has an interesting excerpt from the infinite LGF email stack. It is from a soldier in Iraq to his wife. Subject: Fighting a War With Hands Tied

...The Army can stop them. They know where the enemy artillery is coming from and can fire back. But the politicians are afraid to let us use this weapon because the Iraqis are firing from a village. The politicians are afraid of civilian casualties and collateral damage. You know what? Those damn villagers shelter, feed, and protect the bastard mortar crew who's attacking us. They deserve to get a few high explosive rounds dropped on their heads. They deserve a taste of their own medicine. And the next time some Islamic fanatic talks about how great martyrdom is, I vote we send him to Allah right then and there...

Posted by Vanderleun at October 22, 2003 6:43 PM
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I have to agree with this soldier. Do you think for one second that the f'ing gunner on a 80 mike mike thinks...........hmmmmmmmmm I hope I don't injure anybody but US soldiers with this round..... just before he drops it in the tube.....HA! collateral damage, civilians,,,,,,, those Iraqi jackasses don't even know what those words mean...........go back to your padded room with your football helmet.

Posted by: Curly at October 23, 2003 6:10 AM