November 5, 2009

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Fox reporter states but does not name shooter soldier ( HASSAN MALIK) is from Virginia and a "convert" to Islam.less than a minute ago from web

Fox Smith asks if unnamed soldier (HASSAN MALIK.) spoke of being upset about going to Iraq. A major. Hutchinson confirms.3 minutes ago from web

FOX hesitating to name the name HASSAN MALIK . Hesitates until military confirm.5 minutes ago from web,

@BreakingNews BULLETIN -- REPORT: FORT HOOD SHOOTER NAMED AS HASSAN MALIK.6 minutes ago from web in reply to BreakingNews

Concur @IMAO_ FYI If you hear there's a mass shooting and your 1st reaction is a quip about Obama, you need to reassess your priorities.11 minutes ago from web
"2007 Fort Dix attack plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" minutes ago from BigTweet

STATUS QUESTION; What is the state of alert at other US military bases in US? #forthood20 minutes ago from web

Rumor Officer Major Arabic sounding name. Fox Austin Live Stream local to Ft Hood back up minutes ago from BigTweet

Agree. Well done. @markknoller @TheAnchoress he was in a somber mood in talking about a disturbing incident.26 minutes ago from web

@TheAnchoress Nope. ODS. Statement was pitched correctly and delivered well.28 minutes ago from web in reply to TheAnchoress

Soldier used two handguns at Fort Hood.30 minutes ago from web

Obama statement has perfect pitch. Said the right things in the right order. 5 stars.31 minutes ago from web

Dead still at 12. Wounded rises to 31.36 minutes ago from web

MSNBC running a five to 10 minutes lag behind FOX on reporting.38 minutes ago from web

FBI to conduct background checks on all 3 soldiers. #forthood43 minutes ago from web
One civilian police officer killed.43 minutes ago from web

All shooting contained to Processing Center.about 1 hour ago from web
Shooter Killed was a soldier. He has been killed. 2 other soldiers now in custody as "suspects"about 1 hour ago from web

12 Dead 31 Wounded Official Ft Hoodabout 1 hour ago from web

Fox Ft Hood Press Live Stream now

Posted by Vanderleun at November 5, 2009 2:39 PM
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