May 4, 2013



So it was and so it is in the time of a totalitarian system. Every day brings a new heartache, a new tremor, more helplessness, and yet another reduction of freedom and free thought in a censored society already bound and gagged. In Prague: Philip Roth's PEN Remarks

Every Noise at Once

"This is an algorithmically-generated non-analytical map of the musical genre-space. Genres and artists are positioned by code and data, adjusted for legibility, but the underlying vectors are less interesting than the juxtapositions and clusters that they produce, so the axes have been deliberately left unlabeled and uncalibrated. You are invited to imagine your own qualities and magnitudes that the geometry might be expressing."

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The Rules of Terror in Horror Movies “No one in the theater is going to walk out in the first thirty minutes, they just aren’t. So you’ve got ‘em for at least thirty minutes. Now you better deliver at the end of thirty minutes, but you’ve got all this time that you can build, build, build.”

Bruce Charlton's Miscellany: Is it possible to do good things for bad reasons? Not for long...

Many who express their admiration for Orwell today have yet to absorb his point that screaming ‘Fascists!’ in the faces of those you disagree with is not the same thing as making your case. ‘Libel’, as he concludes, ‘settles nothing’. sp!ked review of books preview | Homage to Orwell

People Whose Guts You Should Hate @ Curmudgeonly & Skeptical presents Boned Jello

Van Gogh's true colours were originally even brighter | Art and design |

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