June 11, 2014

Feuilleton du Jour Thursday

neo-neocon :

"One thing I would hate to see is a civil war in the Republican Party that hurts their chances in 2014. First things first, and first is stopping or at least slowing down this president in the damage he can do before January of 2017."
[Sure, but the only way to do that is to make Joe Biden president.]

The Rout in Iraq: The Tweets tell of a monumental collapse.
”Jesus. “30,000 men – simply turned and ran in the face of the assault by an insurgent force of just 800 fighters … Surreal scenes in #Mosul, #Iraq as US trained troops leave behind their uniforms and flee from #ISIS to #Kurdistan. ”

The results of last night’s election in Virginia.
Official Washington is busy interpreting the results in a way that pleases them. That’s to be expected. Inside the halls of power, the managers and technocrats hate you. They hate everything about you. Middle America has been their enemy for so long they no longer recall why. They simply know their guy was thrown out of office by the voters in favor of a guy who sounds like Pat Buchanan with a PhD. There has to be a reason that does not indicate failure on their part. They will tell themselves all sorts of stories rather than face the truth. The reason is they cannot face the truth. The Z Blog › MARs Counter Attacks

And next? This map, from the Institute for the Study of War explains clearly what ISIS' ambitions in the middle east are: creating a grand nation-state that basically controls virtually all of Syria and most of Iraq (including an unknown amount of petroleum deposits and refineries, for those wondering why crude is higher today). Mapping Al Qaeda's Grand Ambitions In Iraq And Syria | Zero Hedge

Meanwhile.... once upon a time in the West...

Question of the year! Is the lake pictured on every iPad secretly CURSED by the ghosts of disabled babies who were thrown into its waters because they wouldn't survive?

Even Toilets Aren’t Safe as Hackers Target Home Devices - Bloomberg

If the enemy is in superior strength, evade him. Sun Tzu (ApplyArtofWar) on Twitter

Why I'm pulling my kids out of public school: Today's public school atmosphere is all about accountability and not about the actual needs of the child.


Gun-toting parents square off with daughter's abductors to save day - When the door opened and the men stepped inside, the parents unleashed gunfire. The mother missed with her lone shot, but the father hit both men, killing Mr. Johnson.

Steyn: Cantor Buried : Eric Cantor Blew $168K at Steak Houses; Brat Spent $122K Overall.

Richard Dawkins, Cyclops of Science must be one execrable speck of a man.

There is no suggestion by anyone - Obama, Republicans, media - that this "government-wide response" might ever include enforcing US sovereignty at the border for which the government is nominally responsible. No, that's just crazy talk. Instead, the comprehensive "government-wide response" to the invading forces is to house them, feed them, clothe them, school them, and Obamacare them. Cantor Buried :: SteynOnline

Neatorama: Spam-Filled Donuts To make this culinary marvel, he slices open an ordinary glazed donut, adds a layer of spam, then re-assembles the components and deep fries them.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at June 11, 2014 10:18 PM
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No, the iPad isn't cursed by having a picture of a lake. It's just cursed by having to use iTunes.

Posted by: Mumblix Grumph at June 12, 2014 5:04 AM

Ew. What a thing to look at first thing in the morning....

Posted by: pbird at June 12, 2014 5:46 AM

Those donuts'd go good with grits and lotsa bad coffee (the nastiest shitcha can find).

Meanwhile, everything else is unraveling as planned. What they are not mentioning about that lake is that it holds restorative powers. During the appropriate time in the lunar cycle, tribe members and their friends gather on the shore and light candles. As they walk into the waters the candles remain lit to guide their path from profane to blessed. a phenomenon recently observed has the pilgrims reverse-aging as they become one with the Spirit of the Waters. It is said that the sounds of babies wailing emanates from those who overstay their welcome.

Posted by: chasmatic at June 12, 2014 6:29 AM