November 10, 2003

The All-Purpose Instapundit Posting

UNEMPLOYMENT IS DOWN, and employment is up -- by more than economists expected. Steve Verdon is happy. (And for God's sake man, scroll up for some interesting information on manufacturing jobs).

UPDATE: Michael Gersh thinks this is a big deal.

UPDATE: Darren Kaplan thinks so, too. So does Daniel Drezner.

UPDATE: Reader Aaron Hegeman emails me his resume.

UPDATE: Stephen Green comments on the baldfaced lies in Hegemanís resume.

UPDATE: Michael Barone emails the entire membership of AOL a buylink to his latest book on unemployment.

UPDATE: A reader wants to know what digital camera I use to post unemployment figures.

UPDATE: Greg Burch has thoughts on unemployment based on his personal experience. He's optimistic.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Robert Tagorda has a roundup of reactions to a speech by some guy named Bush which might have been about unemployment.

UPDATE: Patrick Belton points out how The Guardian got it wrong back in May.

UPDATE: Donald Sensing notes that he pointed this out over a year ago. And he's quite pleased with himself about it.

UPDATE: Read this or I shoot the dog.

UPDATE: After injecting crystal meth into your skull, read this post on Europe, from PeakTalk, too.

UPDATE: Reader Doris Douthat thinks it's 1943. I canít help her.

UPDATE: Robert Tagorda discovers that the most people still unemployed are blogging.

UPDATE: There's more on how this is being treated here.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Perry De Havilland says that there's an important lesson for America's children in this: "The State is not your friend except if it wants to give you a checkup and a check."

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Here are a couple of more representative resumes of the hardcore unemployed, one from the homeless and one from Al Sharpton.

YES, ANOTHER UPDATE: You can see the video here. And here's the home page for Unemployed Bloggers of America.

STILL ANOTHER UPDATE: You ARE COMMANDED TO SEE a short video clip that I took with the camera of my unemployed brother-in-law -- here.

PENULTIMATE ANOTHER UPDATE: And read this 2,187 page report, too, or else.

THE LAST ANOTHER UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg thinks unemployment will be remembered. His mother, in a first, has no opinion.

Posted by Vanderleun at November 10, 2003 2:59 PM
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