August 6, 2003

Ben Stein's "Museum of Liberal Thought"

Howard Dean (Left) & Howard the Duck (Right)
Exhibit A in the Museum of Liberal Thought

On the road in St. Cloud, Ben Stein runs into some disgruntled collegiate Americans and has a flash of insight:

Then, a big social moment. One of the men introduced me to a group of college girls who (according to the men at the bar) had been drinking there for about four hours. They were angry, bitter women. One of them explained her gripes. It took awhile, but maybe I can boil it down. "I hate this f--king country,"she said. "I can't wait to graduate so I can leave this f_king country and move to Canada."

She didn't wait for me to ask her why. I actually was not planning to ask her why on the theory (as revealed by a famous Czech writer) that if a man comes up to you and tells you he is a fish, it is not smart to ask him to show you his gills: you know he's crazy. But as I say, she told me anyway.

"I had to borrow thirty thousand dollars to go to school here at this place, and now when I graduate, they expect me to pay it back. And how am I supposed to do that? I want to be a teacher and teachers don't get paid enough to pay it back."

She then railed about how oppressive and sexist America is and how a decent country would just give its students money instead of lending it, and that's why she hates America.

This student should really be in a glass cage at a Museum of Liberal Thought. You could put in a coin and hear her talk about how the world owes her a living and a darned good one at that. Then you could hear her talk about her oppression and exploitation, and in the meantime she would be drinking and wearing designer clothing. Then there could be Carol Moseley Braun next to her and Howard Dean next to them, and they could all be talking about how horrible America is while living off the fat of the land. Museum of Liberal Thought. Remember you heard it here first.

Posted by Vanderleun at August 6, 2003 9:48 AM
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The world does not "owe" anyone a living, altho it provides livings to many undeserving rich kids and denies the means to many motivated, bright deserving poor kids to obtain the education that would pay all kinds of dividends to society and to the individuals in question(ie. GI Bill education benefits, which were available to all service people no matter how great or small their sacrifices and contributions to the war effort). Can anyone deny that our history is replete with endless governmental and sanctioned private behavior that repressed whole classes of our fellow humans & citizens, contrary to the stated principles of our founding documents? ie.Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, Irish, Jews, Italians. & many other immigrant groups and women. If the young are disgusted with the disparity between our best ideals & the reality of our history they will eventually agree with Winston Churchill, "Democracy is terrible but it is better than all of the other forms of government". It will not be moved towards its ideals by cheap flag waving & complacent self congratulation. The internal critics of that disparity are the citizens who help us to achieve progress and to reach a closer proximity to our ideals.

Posted by: Darrel Blaine Ford at September 27, 2003 10:40 AM