January 17, 2010

Winners from the Watchers


In the council category this week the top two selected were Bookworm's excellent revisiting of the intractable problem: The need for an honest, 21st century debate about abortion,

"I grew up in the feminist abortion oriented culture, and that culture shies away assiduously from focusing on the life within the woman and focuses, instead, only on the woman herself. "
and Wolf Howling's deeply impressive, documented and exhaustive National Security At The End Of Obama's First Year.
"Obama's initial strategy towards the war on terror was to deemphasize it to the point of wiping it from America's consciousness. In Orwellian fashion, one of Obama's first acts in the war on terror was to dispense with the phrase “war on terror.” "

In the non-council category, the top essays were, Rabbi Aryeh Spero's heartfelt and insightful President Obama Must Choose Sides

"Mr. Obama's first concern seems to protect things Islamic rather than name and fight the Islamism intent on destroying us. This attitude predates his presidency, and it is one of the animating and personal goals of his worldview."
and Jules Crittenden's masterful adieu to the last unlamented decade, God Damn The Naughts
"In its closing months, as if to add insult to injury, this damned decade showed, finally, how a charismatic young president’s utter lack of accomplishment, his disparagement of past sacrifice and achievement .. and worse, vain lip service to it … and even destructive behavior toward our allies can be heralded as great deeds in themselves, bestowed the world’s highest honor. It has been a bizarre display."

There were many other worthy essays too. Listed here:

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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