August 4, 2007

Time to play....

... wherein we discover that, yes, the world gets dumber one day at a time.



-- Honey, how badly you want the iPhone?
-- Badly -- he said, puppy eyes again, no doubt -- very badly.

"Would you be willing to finally make that appointment for a vasectomy?" she replied.

What happened then? In Sean's own words:
"I absolutely love my new 8GB iPhone." True Story: Man Goes Through Vasectomy to Get iPhone

REAL MEN USE THE SHOTGUN: Doom creator unveils its new video game, Rage "In addition to the shooting elements and killing bad guys with cool guns -- everyone knows we can do that well -- we wanted to show off some stuff that would surprise people."


"Hi! I'm Sidney. I'm a personal trainer and Miss Orange County finalist. And this is my Tech-9."

AND IF THE PIZZA'S not there in 30 minutes, it's free! -- Armless man gets 5 years for driving "He starts the car with his toes, shifts with his knee and steers with the stump of his left arm. He turns on the lights with his teeth."

THE Z Z Marriage "Circumstances used to demand the Z Z marriage from everybody. You couldn't run around assembling and disassembling your affairs all over the landscape over and over. You placed your bets and you took your chances and you stuck with it. Sometimes the chances were pretty slim. You always stayed until closing even if your chips were gone in the first five minutes."

TOO MUCH MONEY? 11 Most Expensive Sh*t you'll never need Pay $1,500,000 for a Box of Chocolates.

OBAMA'S "PLAN" -- "Here's a really lethal combination. Telling the enemy that you are going after him with inadequate forces and then specifying in advance what the limits of your rules of engagement are." The Belmont Club: No Nukes

SLAVE STATE HANDICRAFTS: Iran unveils 'world's largest carpet' for UAE mosque "The carpet, adorned with green and cream colours, was made in 18 months from 38 tonnes of wool and cotton by 1,200 weavers in three villages in northeastern Iran, said the head of Iran's state carpet company, Jalaleddin Bassam."

HEADLINES YOU JUST GOTTA CLICK! Everyone Will Want to Pet Your Burro "Those were the days, my friend, when you could order C.O.D., a dipped and US Gov't inspected burro. And not just any old burro, but a female in foal, a KNOCKED UP burro, straight from Laredo Texas, uncrated, and certain to make your Christmas unforgettable!"

POP GO THE WEASELS: Bubble 2.0 Coming Soon - "Every single person working in the media today who experienced the dot-com bubble in 1999 to 2000 believes that we are going through the exact same process and can expect the exact same results -- a bust.

WHO SAYS there's no good news? Murdoch Buys Journal, New York Times Hardest Hit "In the wake of the takeover of the Wall Street Journal by Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch, the publisher of the New York Times has asked the White House for a federal disaster declaration from President George Bush in order to rush funding to the former 'newspaper of record.'"

WALKING THE WALK and talking the talk. NeoNeoCon notes Bush and Brown: not joined at the hip, but still "When I first saw this clip it seemed to me that the two men were walking with such a similar gait, and are of such similar size and stature, that from afar they would be nearly indistinguishable."

PORN ECONUTS are currently getting off on: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. "Ruins of high-rises echo the love song of the frogs breeding in Manhattan's reconstituted streams, now stocked with alewives and mussels dropped by seagulls. Herring and shad have returned to the Hudson, though they spent some generations adjusting to radioactivity trickling out of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, 35 miles north of Times Square, after its reinforced concrete succumbed." Whew, can I get you a warm, damp towel?

DUM ? O DA WEAK: Will Social Media Dumb Down the Online Revolution? "The direction of communication is toward the sound bite. Twitter, Facebook and the zillion social networks that are emerging are leading us toward 140-character communication." [Number of characters in that answer -- 174.]

MICHAEL GOLDFARB looks at The Cost of the Surge (The "surge" of increased troops in Iraq could cost as much as $40 billion to maintain, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.) and finds it equal to...

RELIGIOUS FANATICISM WATCH @ The Cult of Global Warming "As science, Global Warming ranks right up there with the Piltdown Man and the gay-gene theory. All of the left's quasi-religions seek to take us to the same final destination - a state of rigid control, central planning, rationing, pre-industrial living standards and flagellation to purge us of our sins." Can I get a witness!

FREAKONOMICS asks "Will Copper-Stealing Meth Heads Jack Up the Price of Your Almonds?" Hey, junkie see, junkie rip off.

BLACK AND WHITE and linked all over, this article ( Why do people have sex? Researchers explore 237 reasons) could not be avoided. The number 1 reason? "Because they could."

BARCEPUNDIT highlights the rockin' new music video "I Wanna Be Like Osama." Crank those speakers UP!

ATHEISM is so 20th Century: "Essentially, where at one time atheism felt exciting and liberating, it now feels by turns dull and threatening - like a sullen and bad-tempered neighbour. You wish he would move, but you can't decently wish him on anyone else." -- Mindful Hack: Is this the twilight of atheism? - Oxford historian says yes

GOOD NEWS for the tinfoil hat brigade: Creating New Nerve Cells Just Got Easier

Posted by Vanderleun at August 4, 2007 12:21 PM
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Speaking of the world's largest carpet, why not send our very own to Iran?
The world's largest indoor/outdoor carpet bombing that is.

Posted by: Ben USN (Ret) at August 4, 2007 2:46 PM

Just went over to the Business Week website to check out the article on pet-related spending. Was curious to see how much of the total goes to veterinary care (24 percent seems about right). My oldest cat was diagnosed with diabetes last week-- treatment requires keeping to a schedule of insulin dosage but is hardly considered a heroic measure because cats can life a normal life span and enjoy it in spite of the diabetes. At any rate I also wanted to check out readers' responses to the article. After reading the following, I stopped feeling guilty about Princess's contribution to the nation's annual vet bill:

"I hope people keep spending [on pet luxuries]--I just launched a business to promote Democratic candidates on dog products, called Dogs 4 Democrats. What better way to get people to converse and connect over such an important issue than using their dogs to break the ice? My dog currently sports an 'I heart Obama' collar, and you have no idea how many great conversations I have because of it. Dogs are the best way to a person's heart."

What better way to call attention to the fact that the present Democratic candidates are all dogs?

Posted by: Connecticut Yankee at August 4, 2007 4:50 PM