July 24, 2004


"To help us create a "better online experience" for our visitors we require certain types of users to register. "If you are an employee, partner, affiliate or legal representative of any site which enforces compulsory user registration than we require you to complete our registration process. It costs nothing to register and will only take a moment." -- Registration - BugMeNot.com

Well, what are you waiting for. Fill it out.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 24, 2004 1:38 PM
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Bwhahah! This is the funniest thing I've seen all year.

Posted by: JF at July 24, 2004 6:15 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

With a small amount of 3, you can earn Thousands of Dollars/Pounds
within a month.

STEPS (in brief) (Indian also send money in Rupees)

1. Open a Business Account online with PayPal or contact

2. Send 3 to Number-1 in the list through PayPal or Central Academy.

3. Delete that email address.

4. Upgrade 2 to1, 3 to 2, 4 to 3, 5 to 4. 5 will be vacant.

5. Add your email address in the 5th place.

6. Start sending emails as detailed in the message given below.

Expecting your reply,

Sincerely yours,


you can make 10,000 in 30 days with 3 only


I turned 3 into 14,706 within the first 30 days of operating the
business plan that I am about to reveal to you free of charge. If you
decide to take action on the following instructions, I will GUARANTEE
that you will enjoy a similar return!

An email address, A Premier or Business PayPal account with at least
deposited in it and 30 minutes of your time. This program takes just
half an hour to set up. And yet, you will stand to gain many
of pounds within the next few weeks from those 30 minutes of easy

All you need is a PayPal account and an email address! Just about
everyone has heard about "PayPal" (if you haven't you will soon!) and
when I came across this concept I knew it would work because, as a
member of PayPal, I had already experienced their efficiency and
excellent standing. PayPal is the simplest method of making and
receiving payments online that anyone has ever seen! Anyone with an
email address can join for FREE! Once you have a PayPal account, you
send and receive credit card payments to or from anyone - anywhere in
the world! Let's get started, just follow the instructions exactly as
set out below and then prepare yourself for a HUGE influx of cash over
the next 30 days!

Here's what you need to do. . .

If you're not already a PayPal user, the very first thing you need to
is click on the PayPal link below and SIGN UP.

Here's the link: https://www.paypal.com/row/mrb/pal=D778HYKVYL4DS
Be sure to use this link so you can sign up for a free Premier or Business
account. You'll need to have a Premier or Business account (and not a
PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card
payments from other people.

Send a 3 payment from your PayPal account to the FIRST email address
in the list below, along with a note saying: " Please add me to your
mailing list. " Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS
PROGRAM LEGAL. Instructions on how to send a payment are under "SEND
MONEY" at the Paypal site.

Here's the current list:

1. vmrk2002@yahoo.co.uk
2. avn1234@rediffmail.com
3. taur@techemail.com
4. dev2004@ftml.net
5. ranjeetdk@rediffmail.com

Once you've sent a 3 payment to the address at the top of the list
(along with your note - this is VERY important!), the next thing you
need to do is to obtain a copy of the contents of this page, as you'll
be sending it out (as an email message or by advertising your page) to
at least 40 people (keep in mind that 40 is a good number of people to
reach, but with all the different ways of advertising for free on the
internet the amount of views and signups under you could well exceed
into the hundreds or thousands if you wish....the more people who join
the more profitable for everyone on the list, including you).

The copy that you will send out will contain YOUR email address at
number 5 in the list - having deleted the address at Number 1 in the
list, and moving the others up a position. The best way to do this is
you can copy and paste into emails to your family and friends. You can
copy and paste it and put ad's on the internet on message boards etc.
you can create your own free website, by copying and pasting. There are
many free webpages you can build on the web. For example 2 good ones
www.geocities.com or http://www.cmlb.net. Both of these are simple to
use. And the best part of having this info on a website for people to
follow is you can post links to your site on paid to click websites or
paid to read email sites, for great advertising.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that YOUR email address is
Number 5 in the list in STEP 2. Of course, the address that was
previously at Number 1 should have been removed, and the other email
addresses should have been moved up a position to accommodate yours at
Number 5. As long as you have done this correctly, your email is ready
for sending!

A word of warning! Don't be tempted to add your email address to
position 1 in order to earn money fast! It doesn't work like that! If
you do that, you will ONLY reach the people you directly send emails
and then your address will be immediately removed from the Number 1
place and you won't reach thousands of people! But, if you add your
to the Number 5 position, there will be literally tens of thousands of
people receiving and sending email's later - when your name is at the
Number 1 spot!!!

F. Once you've got your email message ready, send out a minimum of 40
copies of the email - but only to people you know, or to people who
respond to MLM offers, or to people who've sent YOU offers. By sending
this letter and the payment via EMAIL, the response time is EXTREMELY
fast.......... ELECTRONIC TRANSFER INTERNET FAST!!! That's why it takes
only a few days for those 3 payments to start flooding into your

No capital outlay, no postage stamps, no printing, copying or waiting,
and the concept is 100% legal. Within 30 days, over 10,000 cash will
pass through your PayPal account. And that’s GUARANTEED. In fact, you
can expect to receive a substantial number of 3 payments within the
first few days!

Keep a copy of your email safe so that you can use it again whenever
need more cash! Here's how it works: When you send out your emails,
email address will initially be at Number 5 in the list. That's the
position it can be in at this stage if you want to make serious money.
The response-rate for this program is much higher than any typical
marketing campaign for a number of reasons, which are explained later.

As long as you send your emails to people who are likely to be
interested in this program, on average, you can expect a response from
about 25% of the people you send to. But let's be extremely
conservative here and assume that you receive an average response rate
of only 12.5%. . . If you send out your email to 40 different people,
you can expect at least 5 of those people to do exactly what you did
(12.5% of 40 = 5). By this time, your email address will have moved up
to Number 4 in the list, and this list will now have reached around
people (5 x 40). Out of those 200 people, you can expect at least 25
them to participate (12.5% of 200 = 25), so that's a further 1,000
emails (25 x 40) being sent out and your email address will have risen
to Number 3 in the list. Out of those 1,000 people, you can expect at
least 125 of them to participate (12.5% of 1,000 = 125), so that's a
further 5,000 emails (125 x 40) being sent out with you now at the
Number 2 position. Out of those 5,000 people, you can expect at least
625 of them to respond (12.5% of 5,000 = 625), so that's 25,000 emails
(625 x 40) being sent out with YOUR ADDRESS at the Number 1 spot! Now,
out of those 25,000 people, you can expect around 3,125 of them to
respond (12.5% of 25,000 = 3,125). And since you will now be at NUMBER
1 in the list, you will receive: 9,375 (3,125 x 3).

So, when your name starts to hit the Number 1 position within the next
few days, it will be YOUR turn to collect the money! Over the course of
30 days, this money will be sent to you by a few thousand people just
like yourself - who are willing to invest half an hour to receive
10,000 or more in cash! The first payments will arrive within a few
days, and they will continue at the rate of about 100 payments per day
for about 30 days.

Millions of people surf the Internet every single day, all over the
world! Plus there are 50,000 new people who get on the Internet every
month! The people who send you offers by email can provide you with an
excellent source of bulk email addresses to send to. You can also send
out emails to all of your family, friends, and to anyone who you think
would want to invest 3 and 30 minutes of their time to make a
substantial lump sum within a month.

If you want to operate this business continuously, you should consider
obtaining bulk lists of email addresses from a reputable mailing list
company. That's how I've managed to stay in business for the last 2
years! If you already have a legitimate mailing list, then this program
would be the most profitable way to make use of it. There are many
websites that sell thousands of fresh opt-in email addresses of people
who have subscribed to receive exactly this type of program.

For example, visit: htmail.com, BusinessMailing.co.uk and
Email2Success.com. The possibilities are endless, and it's so easy!
Unlike many other MLM programs, this 5-LEVEL PROGRAM costs you only
That's right, only 3 ONCE, which is much more realistic and provides
much, much faster results. Only the first person on the list gets your
3 gift, but everyone in the list will rise to that Number 1 position
as thousands of emails are being sent out.

No cheating can occur as Paypal/Central Academy only allows one account
per person. Because it is so easy, the response rate is VERY HIGH and
VERY FAST - Internet email FAST, and you will start seeing dramatic
results in less than one week! JUST IN TIME FOR NEXT MONTH'S BILLS!
Remember, you need only mail out 40 copies to start with. This will be
enough to generate a substantial lump sum within 30 days.

So, email your letters out today, and then prepare yourself for a huge
influx of cash within the next 30 days!!! 4 factors that make this
POTENTIAL, this program has a VERY HIGH RESPONSE RATE! And all from
a simple email and one simple 3 PayPal transaction!

In fact, this program has faster results and a higher response rate
any other Internet program you could possibly participate in! For most
email marketing campaigns, the average response rate is between 0.5%
5%. However, this particular program typically generates a response
of between 20% and 30%. This is because this program is so easy to
implement, it costs next to nothing, it takes just 30 minutes to
implement, and the results can be seen within days.

No stamps, no envelopes, no printed copies to be made - just a little
effort and faith!!! This program really keeps it "short and simple"!
UNLIMITED income potential! This program is structured for everyone to
send only 40 emails each to start. However, you are certainly not
limited to 40. Send out as many emails as you want. Every 40 emails you
send has a return of AT LEAST 10,000 WITHIN 30 DAYS. So, if you can
email 50, or 100, or whatever, GO FOR IT! THE MORE YOU PUT INTO IT, THE

However, you MUST remember that sneaking your name higher up on the
will NOT produce the results you think, and it only cheats the other
people who have put in the effort and have earned the right to be
So please, play by the rules and the serious money will come to you!
are probably skeptical of this, especially with all the different
programs out there on the Web, but if you don't try this you will never

Some notes from the PayPal site which you may find useful. PayPal lets
you pay anyone with an email address and is the world's Number 1 online
payment service. PayPal is accepted on over 3 million eBay auctions as
well as a countless number of online shops.

When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with
your credit card or cheque account. You won't have to worry about your
privacy, because PayPal keeps your accounting information safe and
secure. Making a purchase with PayPal is far more secure than mailing
cheque or giving your credit card number to a stranger. That's why
9 MILLION people from around the world use PayPal to move money.
Signing up for a PayPal account is free, easy, and it takes only a
couple of minutes.

Thank you, and good luck in your ventures.


PayPal is, at present, operating in 45 Countries including
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong,
Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

PayPal is constantly working to expand and improve their services in
other Countries (including India) also.

Till that time, you can route the amounts through the Central Academy
India. You can send the amount in Sterling Pound or USD or Indian
Rupees. In India, You can remit the amount in your nearest Branch of
For further details, please contact centralacademy@rediffmail.com


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