August 18, 2009

Hodgepodgery: A Hodgepodge of Random Hodgepodges

Hotchpotch, Hodgepodge a confused mixture.
Examples: hotchpotch of errors, 1728; of garlic and cheese, 1591; of ideas; of many meats, 1530; of all sorts of men, 1652; of many nations, 1652; of true religion and popery, 1888; of songs, 1835; of tastes; of words, 1386.

Brad Feld of Feldthoughts wonders at the end of his hodgepodge titled A Random Hodgepodge of Daily Reading

I'€™ve always wanted to use the word hodgepodge in a title of a blog post.  I wonder if I'€™ll make the first page on Google -- there's not much competition other than some definitions and a few stores.
Well, let's see.

Here's a random Tuesday hodgepodge stacked beneath of his Sunday hodgepodge.

The Techniumaka "The Most Powerful Force in the World"

Robert Novick, Right Prince of Darkness "short, round, dark, joyfully evil: for all we knew, he could have been an alien marble that survived on puppy souls."

AdViews A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials

PETA says fat people got no reason to live: Why is PETA Making Fun of Fat Women? : TreeHugger

The Spinning Head Possessed Baby Is Probably The Antichrist

"Old men should be explorers":Unbeautiful Winner: Robert Christgau on Leonard Cohen

A/V Geeks' listing of "educational films" on line. For instance: Beginning Responsibility: A Lunchroom Goes Bananas (1978)

Woman #1: "When we meet Eve, she has no name yet; her nametag just reads “The Woman.” -- Bill Blogsmith: WOMEN IN THE BIBLE 1: Eve a

Posted by Vanderleun at August 18, 2009 8:27 AM
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