June 12, 2009

Smart Bombs and Duds from Around the Web


New favorite stupid blog: Asian Poses - The Definitive Guide to Asian Poses Hours of cuteness on rails.

Summer in Seattle: "We are out in droves here, now. Pasty shut-ins, stale from some seven months cloistered festering, somehow unashamed to flash our jellied skins in social meccas like Alki, Pike Place, Shilshole Bay, and the pestilent Capitol Hill." -- The Dipso Chronicles

Okay... Great Point, Often Overlooked | Coyote Blog "While Obama and his young policy wonks may be smarter (or at least think they are smarter) than other folks individually, they cannot possibly be smarter than the sum of 300 million well educated, realtively affluent Americans making decisions for themselves." ... BUT... They don't have to be smarter than 300 million. They just have to be smarter than their base and the slobbering media. No problem.

Lede of the Day: "Paul Krugman is so adorable when he's delusional." -- The Daily Gut

News in Cuba: "....here it wouldn’t be written up in the papers because for thirty-five years nothing bad or disturbing has been acceptable news. Everything has to be fine. No criminals or unpleasantness can exist in a model society…"

Gilding Turds @ General Motors: Inside GM: Mystery of Crap Interiors Solved

They don't make toys like this anymore.... if a kid was walking around with a Johnny Seven these days, they would call in a SWAT team.

Great news for architecture: Frank Gehry Being Fired from Atlantic Yards Project

Getting to YES! (with mind control).50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive @ alex.moskalyuk

O don't know much about history (and O don't care). President Gets No Better Than 'PC' In History

Extraordinary Clouds and The Cloud Collector's Handbook - Telegraph....

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That looks like one of those angry vaginas you see in Hustler. So I'm told.

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