July 6, 2003

The Froth That Stings in That "Economic / Military Zone We Call the World

ArtForum can always be counted on to deliver a body blow to the English language numerous times in any given issue. Nick Crowe's IN PRINT does not disappoint on two counts: 1) attempting to describe the Internet in a paragraph and 2) attempting to write English without a license.

IF THE INTERNET is the froth on the waves of misfortune that are sweeping across that economic/military zone we call the world, then the sites below show that the froth can sting when the Internet originates, or makes manifest, points of cultural tension. Consider this list a reflection on just a few props within an unfolding drama, touching on geopolitics, economies, the conflicting interests of individuals and corporations, and handy, proto-nostalgic art resources to put it all in perspective.
"The froth that can sting when the Internet originates..." We just love it when Nick talks dirty like that. Posted by Vanderleun at July 6, 2003 8:44 AM
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