October 9, 2003

More Moore Spew

A three-corner shot from Jarvis to PhotoDude to here:

Moore Cluelessness - Jeff Jarvis notes that Michael Moore was on the Today show this morning, saying, "There is no terrorist threat."

Lester Holt, shocked, says is there not evidence of a terrorist threat just two miles away?

Moore says, "How many people died because of terrorism last year? None."

That may get by Lester Holt, but not the Photodude.
Well, let's check the list. I guess Australians are not people (August, 2002, 202 dead). Kenyans are not people (Nov., 2002, 16 dead). Saudis are not people (May, 2003, 34 dead). Moroccans are not people (May, 2003, 24 dead). Indonesians are not people (August, 2003, 12 dead).

Yet here’s Mikey suggesting these 288 people faced no threat from terrorism this past year. Perhaps they should just quit pretending and rise up from their graves.

It seems to me that people are wrong to get upset with Moore for putting these obviously shallow and incorrect notions out into the world. Putting shallow and incorrect notions out is his profession. He probably practices saying these things in the mirror the night before. And why not? He battens very well off the crudulity of his believers. They need him. They really, really need him.

Posted by Vanderleun at October 9, 2003 5:07 PM
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Moore says, "How many people died because of terrorism last year? None."

He meant people that matter. You know, folks who live on Manhatten, or get the New York Times delivered at home so they can have something to read while listening to NPR in the morning.
Blue State Folks.

Also I'd suggest that if not all of the 300 plus US military killed in the last two years should go into this total somewhere, certainly those killed since May in Iraq need to be counted.

Posted by: SWO GUY at October 11, 2003 7:44 AM