January 8, 2004

Leno and Gates: The Banterthon

What do you get when you are Bill Gates and you have to introduce MSN as new yet again? Why you get Jay Leno on the line and you banter like there's no bizarro!

JAY LENO: I know Bill mentioned the flat screen TV, certainly the biggest consumer item of the past year. See, this is what's wrong with our country, Americans are getting fatter, our TVs are getting thinner. We realize, we're too fat, the TVs are too thick, we both can't fit in the room at the same time. Rather than lose weight, we just get a thinner screened TV.... I'm coming down the strip this afternoon in front of one of these huge Lincoln navigators, you know, the kids are in the back seat, they're watching a movie, on the DVD screen, and I'm right behind them. Now, I'm watching the movie on the DVD screen. When they change lanes, I'm changing. I wound up in Henderson trying to see the end of Big Bear.

But anyway, we're here today to introduce -- I introduced -- actually Bill and I go back, because we introduced Windows '95 together. What year was that, Bill?

BILL GATES: We picked the name for the date, it was 1995.

JAY LENO: Yes, '95, right. Back then Bill was doing this computer thing out of his garage, I paid for lunch, he still owes me a $20, but I mean, we'll forget about that. But, who would have guessed back in '95 that this whole computer thing was going to catch on the way it did. It's pretty amazing. Do we have some photos of that? There it is right there. There he is, as you see. My hair was much longer then, a little darker. Bill, your hair looks exactly the same. The glasses are a little smaller. Bill, it's interesting, since Ben Franklin there's been a lot of advances in eyewear, did you know that? They have the Lasik surgery now, they have the contact lenses, have you thought about it?

-- MSN - Speech Transcript, 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show

Posted by Vanderleun at January 8, 2004 5:21 PM
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