March 2, 2005

Somebody Stop Earth Before It Blogs Again!

THE BBC, WHICH TAKES A LOT OF THINGS AT FACE VALUE, reports that Technorati , a company much better at marketing than programming, has announced that there is One blog created 'every second.'

Uberblogfather Glenn Reynolds has pronounced this: "Cool," and I agree as long as I don't have to read each one as it comes online. That's Glenn's job.

But of course, just that one neck-snapping statistic isn't enough for Technorati, the head cheerleader for DotComDementia Ver. 2.0. It takes it a step further,

"In its latest State of the Blogosphere report, it said the number of blogs it was tracking now stood at more than 14.2m blogs, up from 7.8m in March.

It suggests, on average, the number of blogs is doubling every five months.

A stunning rate of growth which will gobstop many. But still, we might want to consider stepping on the brakes just a tad.

At this rate of growth, there will be 57 billion blogs in 5 years. One percent of these blogs will argue about intelligent design. One percent will enshrine the "Lies of President Jeb Bush." The rest will be about cats.

Posted by Vanderleun at March 2, 2005 8:36 PM
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