November 17, 2016

"You Are Still Crying Wolf" by Scott Alexander : Required Reading

It would take me too long to explain why this article about Trump, by Scott Alexander, is so important to you and to the country. Stop whatever you are doing and give it ten minutes. Seriously. Stop what you are doing. Give this ten minutes. It’s more important that almost anything you were going to do today. Then save the link for later sharing. Show it to all of your friends who think Trump is a racist monster. This ends it.-- Scott Adams' Blog


"You Still Crying Wolf" is, by far, the best look back and look ahead at the Trump phenomena. You owe it to yourself to read it and to pass it along... especially to the Trump deniers.

I notice that people accusing Trump of racism use the word “openly” like a tic. He’s never just “racist” or “white supremacist”. He’s always “openly racist” and “openly white supremacist”. Trump is openly racist, openly racist, openly racist, openly racist, openly racist, openly racist, openly racist. Trump is running on pure white supremacy, has thrown off the last pretense that his campaign is not about bigotry, has the slogan Make American Openly White Supremacist Again, is an openly white supremacist nominee, etc, etc, etc. And I’ve seen a few dozen articles like this where people say that “the bright side of a Trump victory is that finally America admitted its racism out in the open so nobody can pretend it’s not there anymore.”

This, I think, is the first level of crying wolf. What if, one day, there is a candidate who hates black people so much that he doesn’t go on a campaign stop to a traditionally black church in Detroit, talk about all of the contributions black people have made to America, promise to fight for black people, and say that his campaign is about opposing racism in all its forms? What if there’s a candidate who does something more like, say, go to a KKK meeting and say that black people are inferior and only whites are real Americans?

We might want to use words like “openly racist” or “openly white supremacist” to describe him. And at that point, nobody will listen, because we wasted “openly white supremacist” on the guy who tweets pictures of himself eating a taco on Cinco de Mayo while saying “I love Hispanics!”....

Dog whistling seems to be the theory that if you want to know what someone really believes, you have to throw away decades of consistent statements supporting the side of an issue that everyone else in the world supports, and instead pay attention only to one weird out-of-character non-statement which implies he supports a totally taboo position which is perhaps literally the most unpopular thing it is possible to think.

And then you have to imagine some of the most brilliant rhetoricians and persuaders in the world are calculating that it’s worth risking exposure this taboo belief in order to win support from a tiny group with five-digit membership whose support nobody wants, by sending a secret message, which inevitably every single media outlet in the world instantly picks up on and makes the focus of all their coverage for the rest of the election.

Finally, no, none of this suggests that Donald Trump is courting the white supremacist vote. Anybody can endorse anybody with or without their consent. Did you know that the head of the US Communist Party endorsed Hillary, and Hillary never (as far as I know) “renounced” their endorsement? Does that mean Hillary is a Communist? Did you know that a leader of a murderous black supremacist cult supported Donald Trump and Trump said that he “loved” him? Does that mean Trump is a black supremacist? The only time this weird “X endorsed Y, that means Y must support X” thing is brought out, is in favor of the media narrative painting Trump to be a racist.

7. What about the border wall? Doesn’t that mean Trump must hate Mexicans?

As multiple sources point out, both Hillary and Obama voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which put up a 700 mile fence along the US-Mexican border. Politifact says that Hillary and Obama wanted a 700 mile fence but Trump wants a 1000 mile wall, so these are totally different. But really? Support a 700 mile fence, and you’re the champion of diversity and all that is right in the world; support a 1000 mile wall and there’s no possible explanation besides white nationalism?

READ IT ALL AT You Are Still Crying Wolf | Slate Star Codex

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 17, 2016 7:54 AM
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I dunn'o, seems a tad "Doth protest too much". Not that Trump is any of what he has being accused of, it’s just that going to such lengths to try and prove otherwise is rather pointless, especially at this point. As the saying goes -Those who know, no explanation is necessary. Those who don't, no explanation will suffice.

With that said, I did find the point regarding the percentages breakdown (KKK members, etc.) at the beginning rather interesting.

Also, I rather enjoy the manic fear and hyperbolic panic by those who feel that Trump is going to “throw them in camps”, etc. I don’t want to elevate any of that cra, cra…too freakin’ entertaining and well deserved on them. Let’s keep it going for a while longer.

Posted by: tim at November 17, 2016 9:04 AM

I had done my own research into the media manipulation of their pre-made anti-Trump narrative a few months ago and mentioned it every where. Lots of people stated they had observed the same.


What I would like to see is a voluntary ban on ALL of the big media sources. Hit them square in the ass pockets HARD. I mean, dump them like a soiled diaper, but quick, and final. Turn your back and step off, never touch them again. Ever.

But in order to do that, to step off, you'll need to convince yourself that the MSM is more harmful than good, IOW, they put out more lies than truth.

Do you demand truth?
Do you repel lies?

Then "nike" them - just do it.
Repel the lies.
And tell everyone you know to do it too.

This requires almost no effort at all.

Posted by: ghostsniper at November 17, 2016 10:21 AM

The media have put their reputation in a rocket, and the rocket is going so far it will never be seen again. IF it doesn't blow up on the launching pad, first.

Posted by: Sam L. at November 17, 2016 10:44 AM

Damaging untruthful comments about public figures should be considered illegal. Those making such comments should be subject to fines and imprisonment.
Simply put, STFUOPU -- STFU Or Pay Up.

Posted by: Howard Nelson at November 17, 2016 3:30 PM

OK, this does bring up something that Trump and I violently disagree on. Taco salad is disgusting.

Posted by: Mike Anderson at November 18, 2016 4:19 AM

And this was worth 29% of hispanics voting for him. Next election, it's a massive Hillary piñata.

Posted by: PCPSmoker at November 20, 2016 11:41 AM