April 28, 2014

Go-Along to Get Along Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong by Ray Van Dune

Many years ago I was working for a small office of a major IT consulting firm. "George" was a new consultant who wasn't working out. Several clients had asked for him to be replaced. Older hands like me had tried to mentor him, but truth be known he just was not a fan of hard work, and tended to blame everyone and everything except himself for his lack of success. So one day I was called in to have a chat about him with our "HR guy", Joe. Joe was reluctant to let George go, because Joe wanted to be everybody's friend and I think he wanted me to tell him to pull the trigger, so he didn't have to feel so guilty about it. Well, I did and in no uncertain terms.

Joe says to me "You're a hard man, Ray." I replied to him "No Joe, I am not hard guy, I am actually pretty sentimental. When I see George screwing the pooch, I worry about all the new guys whose jobs might be at risk because of how George is dragging down the numbers. And you know how we get premium rates because we say to our clients that we have only the best people? Well, I want to be telling the truth about that, because I really care about our clients getting their money's worth - I am kind of old fashioned about things like that too. So I see that if we keep carrying George, we are screwing our clients and our good performers, because we won't do the right thing and protect them, and instead we focus on protecting George!"

George cleaned out his desk that afternoon, and as long as I worked with him, I understood that Joe lacked the clarity of thought to really do his job well, and never really trusted him after that.

That's how I feel about the go-along to get-along leaders of the Republican Party - they lack the clarity and integrity to act on the principles required to protect those who have placed their trust in them. They are worse than George, they are Joe. And they gotta go.

Posted by: Ray Van Dune at April 25, 2014 6:40 PM in The Top 40: Don't shoot at men in parachutes

Posted by gerardvanderleun at April 28, 2014 1:34 AM
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