April 8, 2014

Ramming Speed!

First This:

"And when I say the rubes who got snookered by all this, I don’t mean me, of course, or the Conservative, Tea Party people like me.

I mean you: you people who believed him. You believed him because you didn’t know any better. You believed him because the people who you pay to tell you the truth are worse liars than these people are. And let’s cut to the chase here: you believed him, when all was said and done, because he is black – and because he, and they, and the press, told you that if you doubted him that made you a racist.
And the people they are laughing at the hardest are you young people, and you black people, and you liberal people, and especially you women. "

Then This:

Posted by gerardvanderleun at April 8, 2014 3:02 PM
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Good for Bill.

The evil bastards have ruined eveything they've touched in the last five years---stolen our property, our freedom, and our votes---and irremediably harmed our children's futures. It's time the gloves came off.

Posted by: ahem at December 21, 2013 3:44 PM

Then, this:

Where is Your Spine, America? 6 Truths to Remember
Guest post by Professor Laura Hollis

"The unveiling of the dictatorial debacle that is Obamacare absolutely flabbergasts me. It is stunning on so many levels, but the most shocking aspect of it for me is watching millions of free Americans stand idly by while this man, his minions in Congress and his cheerleaders in the press systematically dismantle our Constitution, steal our money, and crush our freedoms.

The President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (with no small help from Justice John Roberts) take away our health care, and we allow it. They take away our insurance, and we allow it. They take away our doctors, and we allow it. They charge us thousands of dollars more a year, and we allow it. They make legal products illegal, and we allow it. They cripple our businesses, and we allow it. They announce by fiat that we must ignore our most deeply held beliefs – and we allow it.

Where is your spine, America?"


Posted by: ahem at December 26, 2013 3:32 PM

I get a bit tired of these people. A successful countermovement nearly took off a few times in the '60s and '70s, but it was diffused by people such as Richard Nixon.

After being beaten time after time, and betrayed by their allies and 'leaders' time after time for more than fifty years, people have given up. Why wouldn't they? The 'traditional American nation' has learned its place and won't cause any more trouble.

So screw Professor Laura Hollis.

Posted by: Lorne at April 8, 2014 5:39 PM

How did I put it the day after the election, noting that "The permanent sunset of the Republican party is begun? Like this:

Before Democrat voters rejoice, they should soberly consider what this means:

-- A permanent decline in your standard of living and especially that of your children,

-- A permanently-growing federal government, consuming growing proportions of America's wealth,

-- An expanding government control or outright ownership of the country's financial activity,

-- Per-capita shrinkage of economic activity,

-- An expansive federal bureaucracy, with exponentially exploding regulatory authority over the way you live your daily lives in ways you cannot even imagine yet,

-- And therefore greater and greater restrictions on your freedoms to say what you want, do what you want, possess what you want, except you will have federally-funded sex lives without restriction, because Democrats think that you will acquiesce to being stripped of all your freedoms without protest as long as they pay for your sex. And they are right. You are already gladly exchanging your liberty for censure-less rolls in the hay.

-- Crony capitalism? You ain't seen nothing yet. Increasingly, government contracts and stimulus money (by whatever name) will be funneled to the ideologically pure. You, the ordinary Democrat voter, will be frozen out of this largess. You are of neither use nor concern to the Party except on election day. You are a mere prole. Get used to it.

-- Diminishment of your health and shorter life spans because Obamacare is absolutely designed for the benefit of government and its licensed financial allies, not you,

-- Expanding federal debt almost without end, meaning that even as your own personal income falls, you will pay an ever-higher proportion of it in taxes of one kind or another (but don't worry, you will blindly drink the Kool-Aid that only "the rich" are paying more taxes),

-- "Almost without end," because the end will come to the gravy train, and it will be truly apocalyptic when it does. "Chaos" does not even begin to describe it; in fact, chaos will be the best outcome you can expect. Oh, when this happens (when, not if) you will lose absolutely everything you own. Ev. Ry. Thing. Because there is no one to bail America out.

Posted by: Donald Sensing at April 8, 2014 6:05 PM

It is a pity that the Obama Administration isn't a movie like 'Animal House' because real innocent people are being hurt.*

*Unlike the movie in reality the 'Death Mobile' hits the stands and real people get crushed in the wreckage or land on the hood and fall off to be run over by the wheels; the cheerleader breaks through the window, the glass slashing her and the young boy looking at the magazine.

Writing fiction - book, article, or movie - is fun because the author is God and can make all work out according to the Author's Outline.

Reality isn't so much fun; unless you are a senator or a psychopath - but I repeat myself - you must deal with the aftermath of your decisions.

I am not that devolved that I say unleashing the 'Death Mobile' is worth it.

Posted by: Mikey NTH at April 8, 2014 6:56 PM
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