June 12, 2014

False Flags: The Map is Not the Territory


"This claims to show all the places where "gun incidents" have occurred in schools just since the Sandy Hook shooting, a total of 79.

Seventy-Nine gun incidents just since December 2012! -- It turns out that with closer analysis, you see that almost every one of those flags is only vaguely related to schools. Many are suicides by schoolkids not at school. Many are gang-related shootings, drive-bys and such that took place near a school. Several are from robberies and drug deals near a school, and so on. Not mass shootings at schools at all. And that's not just kids schools, its universities and other learning institutions as well.... In other words, the chart is deliberately loaded up with false flags, literally, to prompt that visceral emotional response. It was designed to get you to emotionally connect Sandy Hook with any gun use near a school or involving school kids. And in this, it was deliberately false as so often this kind of attempt is.

Source: ‘Wow’: Journalist Attempts to ‘Debunk’ Anti-Gun Group’s List of ‘School Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook’ — Here’s What He Found | TheBlaze.com

Posted by gerardvanderleun at June 12, 2014 11:08 AM
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