March 7, 2006


Ode to a Robe by Robert Fulghum. Alas, it happens to be my robe and I miss it.

Really Great Moments in Photography: What happens when you take a photo at the right angle? - A Slideshow (Scribd)

Everyday in every way, Wonkette brings new meaning and depth to the C-Word.

Kudlow to Hillary, It's the Economy, Stupid: "Try to imagine the United States imposing capital controls. And try to imagine the United States trying to deglobalize from the world economy. That’s as dumb as well, nationalized, socialized healthcare, or seizing oil company profits." (Kudlow's Money Politic$)

"The first time I got blown up, I had to remind myself to get up and look around for the trigger man or possible gunmen set to take advantage of the confusion. I felt like I was floating through a world where time stood still. There's something about looking directly at an artillery shell and seeing it vanish with a sharp crack and rush of dust and debris that changes you." (More @ Acute Politics )

Evil Fiction: Orson Scott Card eviscerates Steve Berry's The Alexandria Link: "What Berry is providing is pure propaganda -- the propaganda created by terrorists and murderers to 'prove' that Jews 'deserve' to be blown up by suicide bombers." (Civilization Watch)

My Back Pages: David Goines wraps up his memoir of the seeds of protest in the 60s. " I learned that the only way to get power is to take it. Nobody is going to give it to you willingly, no matter how nicely you ask. The law changes to recognize shifts in political strength; it does not promote those shifts. Had we stayed within legal avenues—avenues defined by our adversaries—we would never have gotten anything in the Free Speech, civil rights or antiwar movements. There is no redress of grievance for those whose only remedy is the law."

Posted by Vanderleun at March 7, 2006 11:38 AM
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David Goines? David LANCE Goines, who did all the Chez Panisse posters that seeded the love for Arts & Crafts designs all across America in the dark times of the late 70s? Amazing.

Posted by: Lileks at March 13, 2007 6:46 PM